Wednesday, October 3, 2007

What is with drivers???

Seriously.  Peter and I witness the most ridiculous things on the road to and from work.  There is this one part in particular in our commute where there is a yield sign for the right lane of traffic.  We're on the road already in the left lane.  Sometimes it gets congested and people think it's a merge point for some reason.  They don't even look or pay attention and just try to squeeze in.  No turn signal.  No looking to see if it's clear.  NOTHING.  Then they get mad if we don't stop and yield to them??? We've seen it all from me being nearly run off the road before when I was driving myself to someone calling Peter and a**hole and telling him to be nice (contradiction don't ya think?)  to old an old woman in a business suit giving the finger to someone completely flipping out.  This morning was the most ridiculous though.  There was a man driving some kind of company van and he wasn't even looking so Peter just kept driving.  Well this van almost smashes right into us because he thinks it's his turn.  He wasn't paying attention AT ALL.  Then he gets mad because he thinks that Peter was in the wrong even though he wasn't.  So he gets behind us and is driving really close and then backing off then flying up and hitting the brakes.  Then when traffic comes to a stop he gets out of the car and is calling for Peter to do the same.  I told Peter to just ignore him.  Then traffic started moving and we had to be followed by him for another mile or so.  It was completely nuts because he could have passed us at one point if he was in such a hurry but instead he chose to do his little crazy routine behind us of flying right up to our car.  If we were hit it would have totally have been his fault but neither Peter or I wanted to be hit at all.  I tried getting the number from the side of the van when he finally turned because I wanted to let whatever company he was representing now he was a complete idiot but I couldn't see the number.  Oh well.  

I wonder what kind of crazy people we'll encounter tomorrow.  I can't believe how folks act these days.  It just completely boggles my mind.  What I've just mentioned is only a slimmer of the crazy people we see making their own lanes, driving on the wrong side of the road to get head, going through redlights (even school busses around here do that!).  It's NUTS.

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