Monday, October 15, 2007

1 Week Day Down....4 To Go

This week started out just like any other.  Wake up, pack lunches, go to work, haha.  Work wasn't too bad, I have been working diligently to get my desk cleared off.  A little more each day :)  I thought I was going to work very late, like 7pm, because Peter had a meeting and I was going to work late so I can leave early on Weds for my dentist appt.  Well Peter's meeting was postponed so we got to go home at our regular time...which was ok with me because I was tired at work for some reason.  Plus it was very warm in the office today.  I think because some of the girls were wearing summer clothes and it's obviously not that warm out so they cranked up the heat.  Plus I'm used to keeping it cooler in our house because 1. I like it better too cold than too hot and like to wear sweats and blankets and 2. it's cheaper haha. 

After work was tons of fun.  Peter and I made dinner together.  Salmon cakes, parmesan cheese rice, and corn-yum!  I also made a Cinnamon Crumble Coffee Cake, whew that's a mouthful.  I'm going to bring it with us tomorrow to HomeBuilders.  After dinner, we played some George Winston and I read some while Peter played Warcraft.  Then we did our HomeBuilders Project for tomorrow.  Such a simple and fun time!  Now we're winding down to get ready for bed.  I'm watching "The Bachelor"--such a ridiculous show but still fun to watch because of all of the crazy immature girls haha.  I actually just laughed out loud for a minute straight because of the ridiculousness haha good times.

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