Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Happy Birthday!!

Today is my mom's birthday! She's currently in Atlantic City with my dad celebrating for the weekend. I think they come home tomorrow....unless they win big, in which case my mom told me she'd "call me from Hawaii" haha. Peter and I are going to Altoona this weekend to see her for her birthday and go out to eat, etc. as long as we're not too sick. Yes, we--I am coming down with whatever Peter had. Pressure in the head (especially ears and eyes), sore throat....no fever yet though. I knew it'd happen even though I washed everything and used Lysol like it was my job. My mom had called over the weekend twice to see how Peter was doing and then yesterday when I told her I had a sore throat coming on, she said she wasn't surprised either and that I've always been a magnet with sore throats. :( It gives me a reason to start drinking hot chocolate already though because the heat feels so good on my throat! :)

Today is also Matthew's birthday, so happy birthday to him too! I hope he gets a break from studying for a little bit to enjoy his day.

Also going on today is a doctor's appt...ugh. Peter and I are doubling up and going to the doctor's to see what's wrong with us! Here's hoping that it's not too bad!

We're also supposed to have dinner at the church and HomeBuilders and all that jazz tonight, but if we're both not feeling well, I think we might just stay home, we'll have to see after work and the dr appt.

In other news, I've been searching on Ebay for a few things but keep getting outbid at like literally the very last second haha. I totally love the new Vera Bradley "Java Blue" Villager but they are $72! That's more than double what I've ever paid on a tote before. But they have new ones (with tags) on Ebay that sell for about $50. Still a little high so I'm still looking around. I've also found a couple handmade totes on there that I like that folks are selling for $8-$13....much more my style haha. They're very cute and have similar desgins to the Villager Tote, but different colors, etc. I've actually found about 5 totes, including the Java Blue one, that I like so now I'm just watching them and trying ot narrow down to what I want. I'm also looking for something else on Ebay, can't say what it is because the person might read this for who it's for, haha. But it's hard to find since it's been discontinued and apparently is in high demand? I keep looking though and hope to find it by Christmas! Can you believe Christmas is fast approaching? I've already been doing some window shopping for presents for people. I've got good ideas for several of my family members, which rarely happens! I love Christmas time and shopping for people and wrapping presents and everything that goes along with it.

I'm really enjoying the rain that started late last night. It's not storming or anything but just a steady rainfall. I fell asleep listening to it last night around 11 PM. I think rainy days are such cozy days and I love just being able to hear the rainfall and get lost in thoughts until I am asleep, it's very calming and peaceful.

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