Saturday, October 13, 2007

My house is so clean!!

Today Peter and I cleaned the entire house!  We were just going to clean the bathroom and change the our bed clothes, but it ended up with us:
---taking out our window AC unit and putting it in the basement (even though we have central air, we use this during the night when it's not too hot but it is too hot to sleep haha).  
---changing our bedclothes
---cleaning the bathroom top to bottom
---doing 5 loads of laundry (whites, darks, and 3 big blankets)
---sweeping and dusting both upstairs and downstairs entirely 
---cleaning the kitchen

Our house smells so fresh and clean and looks it too!  I love it.  Peter and I really cleaned our butts off today.  We also bought a new sweeper today for $34 (that includes tax).  It's a Eureka Altima and is 12 amps...4 times more than the little 3 amp Bissel we have been using.  Our house wasn't dirty or anything but the Eureka picked up a lot in the carpet that the 3 amp couldn't.   Plus Peter swept under the beds, dressers, and all other furniture so we got a really deep clean.  It was actually kind of gross how much was emptied from the bagless canister when we were all done!  So glad not to have that sitting around my house anymore lol.  

After our cleaning frenzy, we both took showers and ran out to do some grocery shopping and return some washers at Home Depot that we didn't use from the bathroom remodel.  I also picked up a small bale of hay and potted mum for my front porch to put with the pumpkins and indian corn we got from Simmons Farm a couple weekends ago.  I'll have to take a picture of it tomorrow because it's already dark out.  We grabbed some dinner at McDonald's and brought it home and ate on the floor.  We are so classy :P I love it!  Now we're both on our laptops and half watching "Mickey Blue Eyes".  

I'm looking forward to tomorrow and seeing my parents and Bryson!  Although I'm not excited that it's one day closer to the beginning of a new work week, yuck haha.

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