Monday, October 8, 2007

3 states-1 weekend

This past weekend was very busy for us!  We left work early on Friday to drive to Mima's in NJ.  After getting there around 9PM, we chatted for a little while and then headed to bed.  Waking up early, working and 7 hrs of driving made for a long day.  Saturday we spent the morning with Mima and then went into NYC to visit Matthew.  We made the mistake of driving in and it was absolute insanity to say the least.  Never again will we do that haha.  It was good to see Matt and catch up a bit and see his place.  We ate at a diner in NYC.  It had great food, but was very crowded...typical NYC.  I'm definitely not a city kind of girl.  I like visiting and taking trips, but I'd never want to live there.  I think the main reason is that I feel like the city is always so busy and rushed and loud.  I'm more of the quiet, laid back lifestyle.  Saturday night we had dinner with Mima and played cards for a bit.  Then watched an MSNBC special and hit the sack.  Sunday was a great day of visiting with family.  We saw mom and dad Formica, Tim, Vasti, Bella, John-Paul and Laura.  Bella was adorable--such a daddy's girl!  We forgot our camera at home so we missed taking pictures during our fun weekend, but basically it was great to see them all and hang out for the day.  We were sad to go at 6 but knew we had a long trek home.  

Today Peter and I have been doing things around the house.  We also went shopping and made a big grocery shopping trip.  Now we are just resting up for the week ahead, so thankful that it's only a 4 day work week! 

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