Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Happy Hump Day

Sometimes I start writing posts and even think I finish and post them and don't realize they get logged as a draft and not least I don't realized it until I log in and am like "wait that's not the last post I made"...hahaha oh well, they make it from drafts to the published web eventually!

A good thing about having a long weekend is that the work week following it is always shorter!  Its Wednesday already.  I feel a little confused with my days, but two more til the weekend is all I care about!  

The weather has FINALLY cooled off starting yesterday and feels very seasonal today and should from here on out.  I'm totally excited about it!  This is my favorite season and the hot weather and humidity has really been putting a damper on fully enjoying it.  Some girls at work think I'm nuts but I was rejoicing over the breezes and clouds today.  This weekend I am going to put away flower pots and everything and get the outside ready for winter.  I hope to also put a dent in some of the yard work out front to be done still.  This weekend is going to be a catch up weekend at home doing lots of random things like that.  After this weekend, we are going to be busy busy busy on the weekends for a little while, so we'll get it in while we can!

Peter is taking a little snooze beside me on the couch right now.  I feel bad for him because I know work has been stressful and busy and pretty chaotic with his co-workers.  I'm glad to see him get in little naps like this.  I get caught up watching him too, he's so peaceful and cute looking!  I'm trying to resist the urge to tickle him or something and wake him up haha.

I got to talk to Em today for a bit which was good.  I miss her tons since she's in Virginia.  We made plans to get together in December around Christmas and hopefully before that sometime in November.  I can't wait!

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