Saturday, October 27, 2007

Shop til we drop!

When I woke up this morning I totally forgot where I was.  It took me the better part of a minute to piece together that I was at my parents' house in my old room haha.  Although, you'd never really know it was my old room by looking at it because all of my stuff is gone and in Pittsburgh.  I actually woke up a little before 8 after having gone to bed around 1 am.  I thought I'd be more tired, but I wasn't.  My daddy surprised me and Peter with donuts this morning since my mom always goes walking and to breakfast with her friends on Saturday morning.  He told me before he went so Peter and I were able to place our order which was hilarious in itself since we were all still half asleep trying to describe to my dad what kind we wanted.  Then Peter went back to sleep as I surfed the net and watched some tv for a bit.  

After my dad got home, I got up and ate my donuts in the kitchen and then went to take my shower.  I knew I'd be going out today but was in no rush to get ready so I didn't have to immediately start drying my hair.  I think that's my least favorite part of getting ready in the cooler weather.  I always dry my hair and it takes forever.  I usually take showers in the evenings and then pull my hair up during the night so it can get somewhat dry and it only takes about 15 minutes to dry it the next morning.  If I don't do that, it's like 30-45 mins.  Maybe I should invest in one of those beauty salon hair dryer things that you just sit under?  Yeah right-it would take about 2 hrs to dry that way!  It's really not that bad unless I'm especially tired.  

Around 11 am I announced I was going to the mall to return a pair of pants at Old Navy which sparked my mom's interest so she decided to come along.  Then Peter wanted to come too haha.  We ended up spending 2 hours at the mall stopping in all kinds of stores instead of just our targeted 2 of Old Navy for me to return pants and Macy's for my mom to buy a Christmas present for my sister's boyfriend.  I got a couple of things though because they were such great buys!  I bought a new bird feeder for my front garden at Kirkland's for 7 bucks.  I already have the shepherd's hook too.  It was pretty heavy though so I was glad to have Peter carry it for me.  He's such a sweetie pie :)  I also got a little santa tealight holder at Kirklands for 3 bucks.  I didn't really need it but it was cute and only $3.  Then I picked up the shoes I've been watching at The Shoe Dept.  They had my size (in wide which is hard to find sometimes) so my mom talked me into getting them.  They were on sale for $30 but still kinda steep for what I usually buy.  So if they go on sale more, which I hope they do, I'll buy and return them again to get the difference back.  I debated over the hat at JCP again that I saw a few weeks ago when Peter and I were shopping.  It was still only down to $18 so I'll just keep my eye on it a bit longer.  My final purchase at the mall was at JCP and was a great pair of dark jeans for $20.  They were originally like $50 on sale for $30 and I had a gift card so it only cost me $20.  I bought them because I have such trouble finding good pants.  Although I've had some luck this season having already purchased two pairs of dress pants.  

After the mall, we came home and made lunch and hung around for a bit until it was time to go to the movies.   We saw "Michael Clayton" which was good but a little slow moving at times.  Overall though I think all 4 of us enjoyed it.  Then we headed to Chili's for ribs-yum!  We all got the special of a salad, ribs and fries (or loaded mashed potatoes for mom and Peter) and choice of desert for $10.99.  We also got an appetizer of bottomless tortilla chips.  I liked that they served them warm-just the way I like.  I was also glad to hear they had honey because I'm not a big salsa fan but do love them dipped in honey!  We stopped at Ross's after dinner for a brief shopping trip.  I love Ross's but we don't have one close by at home so I always hit it up when visiting my parents.  I found some thicker tights and a cute pair of nine west heels (clearance for $18!) that my mom bought me for Christmas and will put away until then.  

By the time we got home, we were all rather pooped.  Peter vowed never to go shopping with me and my mom again haha.  And my mom kept telling him that what he experienced at the mall was nothing!  Peter and I are doing our geek routine of both being on our laptops sitting side by side haha.  I now have leopard on my computer and he keeps activating the screen share option which freaks me out.  I'm used to it now but the first time I thought my mouse was jumping around haha.  The weather was absolutely beautiful today.  Sunny and windy-typical brisk fall day-love it!  I'm glad we're going to drive back tomorrow during the day because we missed all the colors on Friday because it got dark too soon.  :(  I took some pictures today but will have to post them tomorrow after I get home.  

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