Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday Highlights

Today was a good day. Hard to believe the weekend is coming to an end already. We went to church this morning and I realized my shirt was on inside out after the service started. I just laughed and told Peter who also cracked up. Oh well, I just left it and didn't bother going to the bathroom to fix it. After church I finished up the apple butter. It's now chilling in the fridge :) I've never made it in a crock pot like this so hopefully it'll taste as good as it smells! We basically bummed around today doing random things like Peter cut the hedges, I did some laundry etc. In the midst of my straightening up, I brought two glasses that had some iced tea in them down from the bedroom that were up there from Friday night. I set them beside the sink to put in the dishwasher after I was done upstairs, but before I got around to it, Peter drank the rest of one of them by mistake. (He had one of the same glasses with iced tea in it from today.) He told me it tasted funny and he couldn't figure out why (He thought he had the glass from today) and I just burst out laughing and asked if he picked it up from beside the sink. When he answered yes, I told him they were old and he was totally grossed out. But not as much as he was after I told him that one of them had mold in it and I'm pretty sure it's the one he drank! The rest of the evening was spent making dinner, watching tv and relaxing. Now it's time to shower and read a little bit before SHARK! :) Then bedtime. Work tomorrow :(

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