Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Brady's Run

I was looking at these pictures today and decided to post them.  They're from our senior year at Geneva when Peter and I took a trip after our classes and spent the afternoon in the park.  We grabbed lunch at the brig to take with us and had a great time.  The weather was cool and most of the leaves were gone, but it was so peaceful and nice to hang out, talk and just enjoy each other and the weather!

Some beautiful shots of the surroundings as we ate at a picnic table...

Aww rest in peace nissan sentra :P

My awesome boyfriend at the time :P :D 

Us.  I was in the middle of laughing after some of Peter's antics.

A picture of one of the aforementioned antics: 


Me having a great time!

Haha don't ask because I don't know?

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Andrew said...

wow that looks like so much fun. i really want to go to the park with you guys some time. i love those places.