Sunday, September 2, 2007

A woman pastor?

Yesterday Peter and I went to Hollidaysburg and had a great day.  We visited my great aunt Pat and then went to dinner with my whole family.  It was fun, a little crazy with Bryson, but fun.  I think my parents really liked it too.  We all split the price of their dinner, well minus Erik...but I didn't honestly expect him to chip in, he can't really afford to.  We also got them a digital camera. 

This morning we went to Hebron Church right down the road from us.  There was a kinda crazy black lady preaching today.  Usually their normal pastor is really good.  I think both of us were kind of disappointed to have this lady preach.  She was kind of all over the place.  I could pick out one or two good points she was making but she was saying things that definitely shouldn't be said to a congregation of people, as well as contradicting herself throughout.  Also, neither Peter nor I believe in having a woman as a pastor.  Not that we discredit her or who she is, but we think that the bible gave us an example of what the church looks like, etc. and a woman pastor wasn't included in that.  

We saw that Pastor Doug will be back next week so we'll look forward to that!

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