Sunday, September 2, 2007


Today has been a productive day for me.  After church and a relaxing lunch with my awesome husband, I painted the curtain rods and hooks finally....(been putting that off for a while but now they look great) and also painted the blue vent in our bedroom white to match all the others.  Then I went outside and cleaned our inside trash can and the tub we had some flowers in that was stinking up.  Also pulled weeds in the front and back which really needed done.  Then I came in and took a shower and cleaned up from all the grunge work.  While Peter went to sweep the car out and get it washed, I got on the computer and updated our budget.  I like that we're tackling finances head on from the start.  It's obviously not easy but we're both committed to it.  Peter and I just finished dinner and are going to watch a movie-yay!  I'm so glad that tomorrow we have off too!  We're thinking of going to the waterfront and seeing the newest Harry Potter movie! :D 

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