Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Peter's Post

well today was a big milestone for me.  it was my first time.... well let me start from the beginning.  this day started out like any other ordinary work day, except for the fact that we slept through our alarm and got into work late... ok so it was almost a normal day.  besides the late start, things went fine.  ok well actually we left early too.... and that's when things went bad.  it was my time for the 6 month dentist checkup cleaning thingy.  normally its mal who goes and gets her teeth drilled and filled and pulled and all that other fun stuff.  this time it was me... and thankfully since i've never had a cavity i've only had to go for cleanings - until today.  had the cleaning which went fine, and then the doc comes in and we engage in our usual chit chat about high end performance cars and BeaveRun Motorsports complex.  after boring his assistant who had to sit there and wait for us to finish our chatter about who's Audi was better equiped, he finally inspected my teeth.  he continued to talk while he did this, and several times would say something that obviously needed a response from me, but with gauze and plastic and tools and fingers in my mouth i could barely keep from drooling, let alone nod my head yes.  he then decides to drop a load of bad news on me "looks like you're going to need 2 fillings... oh wait, actually this one is a cavity."  great.  my first cavity.  so they filled them and it hurt and it was finished and i left.  boo hoo.  sad story over.  :o)

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