Sunday, September 9, 2007

Soo close!!

After this weekend we are sooooo close to having the bathroom finished! It's so exciting! We only have a few little piece of chair rail and two corner pieces to put on. Then I have to patch over the old light fixture hole by the medicine cabinet. Other than that we are done! I even gave the whole bathroom a deep clean yesterday and hung up pictures, curtains, etc. I put up our new shower curtain and the accessories I had spray painted earlier. I love how it's coming together!

This is my kick butt first time caulking job....if you would have seen it before, it was soo gross. I feel so much better showering in here.

These are the pictures we hung up. We kept the shells too since they were only $1 and if I get bored I can switch them out every once in a while.

The whole bathroom. I also found a chrome tissue box cover on clearance from $20 to $3 and a matching toothbrush holder from $15 to $1.50! We needed a new toothbrush holder too. I like the new one because it's easier to clean out the bottom. The old one was hard to get to the bottom.

Cadi is enjoying the new shower curtain and new rug more than anyone I think. She was going crazy running and sliding on it and hiding in the curtain.

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Andrew said...

very professional looking work! nice job!