Sunday, September 16, 2007

Home Clean Home

Peter and I swept and dusted today and I also cleaned the entire kitchen.  My OCD half really enjoys a clean house.  Somehow I feel more relaxed when the house is all clean.  It's never like eewwwww gross, but a little extra clean is always nice.  I was talking to Peter about my OCD the other day and we were laughing because I had just cleaned the bedroom, changed the sheets and made the bed and then took a shower.  He showered before bed too and when we got into bed I was like "ahh doesn't that just feel so good?"  He was like "Huh?"  to which I replied "Doesn't taking a shower and getting into clean clothes in a clean bed in a clean room just feel nice and relaxing?" and he basically looked at me cross-eyed haha.  Oh well, I admit I like it.  :P

Church was good this morning and when we got home, we had lunch and then I made brownies.  I love to bake and cook and this cooler weather is allowing me to turn on the oven-yay!  

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Andrew said...

ummmmmm, this may be a stupid question but doesn't peter's weight bother your OCD?