Tuesday, September 25, 2007

HOT Tuesday.

92 degrees? In September? At the END of September? WHAT? This is so unfair! haha. I love fall and all that it includes--beautiful colors, changing leaves, cooler nights, warm sun but a crisp chill in the air, wearing sweats, curling up in blankets, baking yummy cookies and homemade soups...nothing of which includes 92 degrees and high humidity! I was just getting used to the cooler weather and totally excited about Sunday officially kicking off the start of autumn and then BAM--heat wave. Thankfully it's not lasting long at all and by Friday it'll be in the 60s-70s. Perfect!

In other news, tonight was our second night of Home Builders. It was really good and I can tell folks are getting to be more open and laid back as they get to know each other which is good. We also went to Young Adults and found out we'll be kicking off on Oct 2 (next week) and Peter and I won't be able to make it to the worship and teachings part. We'll go from 615-655 for dinner and hanging out but then off to Home Builders. For the first 6 weeks we'll be going through the book and a special video study of "God is Closer than You Think" and it sounded really good. Peter and I are bummed that we'll be missing that whole study and the whole kick off period. :-/ Oh well, what can we do? Can't be in 2 places at one time.

Fall also brings new seasons of tv shows haha. "Shark" premiered on Sunday night and I was ecstatic. It's basically my favorite show. Reminds me a lot of "The Practice" when I watched it back in like 8th grade. But it's even better. The quips in it just totally make the show. It's great, I highly recommend it! "The Bachelor" also started last night and I DVRed it. As ridiculous as it is, I like to watch it.

This fall also brought Peter a new Mac Book Pro. He got it for work but is allowed to take it home, use it for personal stuff, etc. How cool? First an iPhone now a laptop! That's right up his alley. :) I guess it kind of is a payoff for having to deal with Bruce and Bob all the time haha.

Here's to cooler weather and more seasonal temps! :P

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