Monday, September 3, 2007

The many faces of Cadi

We love our cat Cadi so much!  She's crazy and fun and so loving.  She loves water too, even though cats are supposed to hate it!  Seriously, you'll never find a better cat than ours!

Cadi in our old house right after we got her.
Cadi stretched over our couch from my parents that we used to have.
Cadi sleeping on a pile of papers.  She loves doing this.  She loves baskets or anything that makes where she is distinct from the floor ie piece of paper, blanket, the powerbook haha.
Watching tv with us in our new house laying beside our stuff...she's so cute!
Cadi in our bedroom window.  When the weather is nice and the windows are open, we'll often find her there as we pull in the driveway meowing her little heart out.  We call out "Hi Cadi!" and she meows more and more until we reach the front door where she's anxiously waiting on the other side!  She has strange dog-like behavior sometimes haha.  
Close up of her cute face!

Cadi sleeping soundly in her little catnip napper by the tv in the living room.  How adorable is she?  

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