Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day

What a great fun day!  Peter and I woke up and wrestled around in bed for a bit.  I love to jump on him when he is tired and doesn't have as much strength because thats really my only hope of ever succeeding haha.  Then we at some breakfast, showered and headed to the Waterfront.  We went to Lowe's theater to see the new Harry Potter film.  It was really good...not as fantastic as the others I don't think, but good plot, effects, etc.  I still think that the first one was probably my favorite just because it was original and new and all the scenery etc. was so exciting to see.  Lowe's theater is my favorite to go to because it's got highback seats that rock a little and the armrests between the seats can be lifted up and you can have more room instead of feeling confined into a small space.  Also there's like 22 screens and each can hold 100 people minimum with the design of the theaters being on a slope so you can see from any worries of being behind a big tall bald guy!  Then we went out to lunch and had Chick Fil A which I love!  :D  After that we went shopping around the shops at the Waterfront.  I got two tops for $12 and Peter got a pair of jeans at American Eagle for $15!  

We also stopped and saw a potential car to buy-a 2002 Dodge Intrepid.  While neither of us are crazy about Dodge, it's only got 20K miles and we've talked the lady down from 8K to 7K.  We might even be able to get her down a little more which would be good.  We're going to sell the Audi for probably about 5K so the less we have to spend beyond that the better!

Us on the way to the movies...

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