Sunday, September 16, 2007


Right now we are watching Bridezillas and both of us just about fell off of the couch!  This nasty attitude lady just said she met her fiance on a Monday, said I love you on Friday and 2 weeks later she was pregnant with her daughter and now they are getting married....whaaattt??? How crazy!  They both think each other is wonderful but they haven't even had enough time to get to know each other!  I really pity the baby.  The girl is on some kind of medication, swears like a sailor and wants everything.  She said she's a princess and that's the way it goes.  "Daddy pays for everything, mom complies and the future husband does what I tell him and never says no."  She got all these things(diamonds out the wazoo-an engagement ring, wedding ring, separate diamond ring and a diamond band for her other hand??, iphone, and just wants more.  It turns my stomach really.  It shouldn't take tons of diamonds, an iphone, expensive things or anything like that for people to enjoy each other and to enjoy life.  While I don't disagree that trips and presents are fun, but when folks need that to feel special and loved and enjoy life and their mate, I think there's something wrong with the marriage(in their case engagement).  Peter and I just spend the weekend at home and laughed so much we cried and had a great connecting and loving time.  No presents, nothing extravagant, just us in our little house eating dinner in our pjs. :D 

I'm glad and very thankful for the life I have with Peter.  God has really blessed us in our marriage and whole relationship (friendship, dating, etc) together.  I'm glad that Peter is silly and crazy and not high maintenance or anything.  He's just like me.  Today we were in the living room after lunch and Peter was making me laugh soooo hard.  I love times  like that.  No tv or anything.  Just me enjoying who God made him to be in all of his silliness!   It's one of my favorite things about him <3

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