Monday, September 24, 2007

Weekend Re-Cap

I can't believe the weekend is over already. It feels like it was just Friday and that Peter and I were just gearing up for a fun weekend and now it's back to work on Monday-yuck!

Here's what we've been up to...

We finally got to drive to work together again and it was nice. Makes the crazy trip to/from work much more enjoyable! We went to check out a VW Passat after work that was going for 10K and we had talked down to 8700. There were a few things that needed fixed (inside light and something with the pressure in the brakes) that we were going to give them a deposit (refundable) to get fixed before we even thought about signing anything to buy it. The place was kinda of weird for both of us because we're used to dealing with professionals, even when we bought the Audi and truck from Craigslist, but these folks just were a family owned used car business and it showed! It actually made me a bit standoffish for buying anything. But we figured as long as the car was good who cares who sold it.

Friday was a nutso day at work for both of us so after work we pretty much just went home and sat haha. Dinner was a mess of random whatever we could find/make/felt like having. I had shrimp cocktail and pasta salad and Peter had bacon and eggs . This week was crazy for Peter working very long days and also for me because of being sick on Monday and then playing catch up and also doing client work. By Friday we were hopping in bed at 10 pm, watching tv for a bit and crashing.

We woke up, did a bit of yard and house work and then were planning on going to see the Passat again. We were going to go right after lunch (we ordered in chinese food-yum!) but while Peter was picking it up, I found a website full of angry customers who got ripped off from the folks we were going to buy from. Apparently they do a lot of "work" on Ebay and have like over a hundred suspended accounts, run-ins with the FBI, thousands in fines, etc etc etc. RED FLAG! I also found a "Call to Action" from our local Pgh news channel on them which reported more bad news. So we were like no way! We didn't even bother calling them back. We're sooooooo thankful we found out before we traded in the truck and had that as our one car. Thank God for the clear sign!! So then we went to Cranberry and went shopping. I found two shirts and a pair of sweats all for $16. The shirts are the same as one I already have that's green so I got tan and salmon pink. They're short-sleeved half button sweaters and very versatile with things I own. I got the green one for $10 and thought it was good on sale but these were down to clearance for $4! And the sweats are just like I like with no elastic on the bottom and a tie waist. Then we went to Starbucks and headed to New Castle to see Jeff and Stephanie. We had dinner with them, Steph and I went shopping and had an absolutely fabulous time (I got 2 shirts for $5 and we both bought our husband ridiculous shirts with toys attached for $3. We were laughing so hard and got funny looks but it was so much fun!), and we played SkipBo, and ended up just crashing there because we were there so late.

Woke up in New Castle and went to church with Jeff and Steph at their church and Sunday school class then had dinner at her parents'. Jack and Katie had me cracking up talking about times in their marriage. They're pushing 50 yrs and it's so great to see them interact and talk about the past. Then Peter and I headed home to do some things at our house and watched a movie while we ate dinner. "Something's Gotta Give". I think this movie is hysterical. Very weird but funny. Then we lounged on the couch and headed to bed eventually.

As always it was a great weekend. No matter what we're doing, I always have a good time and am usually laughing my head off with him.

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