Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Crazy Day!

Today has been quite eventful for me. Some good some bad. Today was my first trip to one of our client's to assist in some HR work. The drive there was nuts!! I followed our VP, Kevin, who drives like a Pittsburgh Maniac! Sudden stops, no turn signals, punching it as soon as the light turns green, speeding, and much more! I arrived there safe and sound and then worked my butt off for almost 4 hours in a sea of disorganization. I was thankful when it was time to go home. Then I grabbed a quick shower before Peter got home and we headed down to church for the evening.

We have been pulled to be part of a "young adults" group...kind of like the leadership team. Peter and I were the oldest ones there but it's for folks 18-30...kind of a huge gap because people who are 28 won't really be on the same level as 18 yr olds just graduating highschool. But that's what the church is looking to do so we're checking it out to see how we might be a part of it. The only problem is they are hoping to kick it off the first week of October. Peter and I are also doing a 7 week study at the church (same night) called HomeBuilders with 6 other married couples. It would interfere for the beginning but we can join up afterwards. The young adults also is going to have meals together so we are able to go to church at 615-7 with the young adults folks, eat quickly and head to HomeBuilders from 7-830.

When we got to HB, we were the youngest and most newly married couple. (From oldest at YA to youngest at HB! haha). One couple was married the year we were born! The couple leading the group however has only been married for nearly 4 yrs. They said they don't have tons of wisdom to offer with that and this HB group is more of a committment to work on your individual marriages and really just be open for discussion during Tues nights. The only problem with HB is that I feel like I am desiring more growth. Some of the topics we were talking about this first night, Peter and I dealt with before we were even married. While we both agree things will never be "totally dealt with", we are both realizing how much God has blessed us with covering major issues and topics with each other. We got the vibe tonight that many of the couples at HB haven't been over some things like that. HB is a very basic tool that I think is important for folks who haven't done anything like that but I guess Peter and I are looking for something deeper. We both tried pushing the conversation that way but it didn't really happen. It felt shallow to both of us with "read this passage, answer the question and share what you learned". I guess we both tried to gear it more towards openness and conversation. We aren't saying HB isn't going to be good for us, because we can go deeper between sessions and maybe God has called us here because we've been through it and maybe we have something to offer? Of course it was also the first night so who knows what will happen! I don't want to get discouraged already. I think though that some of the folks thought I didn't know what I was talking about when I was sharing. "She's just married and so young" is the look/vibe I was getting. Oh well. I am going to continue sharing and talking and hopefully God will be blessed by it!

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