Friday, August 31, 2007

Today is FRIDAY....

...and Peter and I both have Monday off-YIPPEEE!!!  I'm totally pumped.  We were going to take half days each today too and leave work at lunchtime but decided since we were both rather busy to wait and do that another time.  I totally wore lounge pants to work today and was loving every second of it.  I love that even in the office setting I can wear a dress, jeans, skirts, basically whatever.  That's definitely a perk for my job.  Tomorrow morning Peter and I are headed to Hollidaysburg to see my parents and siblings.  We are taking my parents out for their anniversary which falls on Sunday.  35 years-wow!  It should be fun...I think everyone is looking forward to it. 

Sunday and Monday will hopefully entail a bit of yardwork, a lot of relaxing and of course-eating!  

Peter and I have also been looking into our car situation and what to do.  We're definitely selling the Audi.  We hope to get 4-5K for it and then we'll drive the truck until we get something else.  Right now we are considering a few options including selling the truck also and having one car and getting a Santa Fe....if there's ever a time to have only one car it's now when we commute together.  After lots of thinking though, we think we're going to sell the Audi ASAP, keep the truck and get like an Elantra or some other kind of zip around town car.  Then in the future a Santa Fe...hopefully :P  We're hoping God makes His will clear by closing doors and opening others.  In the meantime....we must be patient!

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