Saturday, August 25, 2007


I finally found a comforter set for our blue bedroom!  When we first moved in, I wasn't crazy about the blue walls at all.  I am definitely more of a green green/taupe/rust/brown color kind of gal.  But Peter expressed how much he liked the blue in the bedroom and that was enough for me to make it work.  I love that he was verbal with that.  It took months and months until I found it, but here it is:  I found it at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  The ironic thing is that it's only sold online in King and Cal King sizes.  Our bed is a queen but it works out great since Peter and I both hog the covers and the sheets fit well with our featherbed leaving us just with extra comforter.  So this bedding was ordered by someone and returned because it didn't fit their bed...bad for them, great for me!  I found it on one of the crazy high shelves, way up in the corner and saw the blue of it and thought it might match.  So I had to have some BBB worker come with the rollerstairs and get it for me.  It was originally $200 and I got it for $47!!!  And it came with a bonus sheet set--I was so happy with my find...and even more excited when I finally put it on and saw how great it was! (plus it has some green in it for me :P).  It's not too girly either according to Peter.  The comforter reverses to all green leaves on the back which is nice too but this side definitely looks better in our room.  It's also very cozy!  It looks great with our bedroom suite too that I got in highschool for my room at home that my mom so nicely let me take with me when I moved out. :-)
Since the pillow cases are big enough for king size pillows, I have two new king sized pillows to fill them or cut off the extra fabric so they fit our standard pillows and make a couple of accent pillows with the leftover fabric...hmm decisions, decisions! haha

Also here's a quick snap of the hardware for our bathroom.  I looked all over for new stuff but didn't like it as much as I liked the simple smaller stuff we already I bought chrome spray paint for $4 and ta-da!  Now I can have this up there and if I find something I like down the road, can change it out.  I even spray painted the door knob on the inside of the bathroom door to match since it was original brass and looked out of place.  Now if I could only get this bathroom done! 

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