Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bathroom Mess

Last night Peter and I ripped most of the old blue plastic tiles off of the wall in the bathroom. It was a mess!! And it smelled really stinky because of the glue. Of course we had to shut the door because Cadi was trying to come in too. So it was also hot! However it didn't take long to do and was for the most part very easy. There were some holes in the wall where they used extra glue that was a big trickier but like I said-mostly easy. Cleanup wasn't too bad either. In total, it took less than an hour to do. We opened the window in the bathroom today bc it was so stinky. Poor Cadi...she loves the bathroom and won't be able to be in it for another day or so. I can't wait until it's completed!! It'll look SO NICE! :D I also found awesome pictures at Walmart, marked $2 but rang up for $1!! I got four (2 different sets) because I can't decide and am going to wait for the bathroom to be finished. I migth even keep both sets and switch them around sometimes and whatever. With 2 $5 frames, total is $14.00--not bad!! Especially since the ones Paula and I saw at Linens N Things were $30-40. I'm so happy to have found something. I was just passing through Walmart and saw the pictures...there were tons and I had to hunt through every single smaller one to find the 2 sets, but it was worth it--especially when they rang up for a buck!
This is what the bathroom looks like so far...and it's pretty stinky so we opened the window before we left for work!

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RU said...

wowsers! You guys are tearing it up- literally :)
can't wait to see the finished product. Happy re-modeling/decorating!