Monday, August 20, 2007


Having your doctor's office call to cancel your appointment is mildly annoying. Especially when it's a follow-up with a previously done EMG medical test that hurt so bad I cried! Aug 13th got cancelled so I scheduled it for tonight. Well this morning I get a call that my doctor is leaving early so they need to cancel for the second time! Argh-I just want to know what's going on with my hand/arm and why it hurts so badly sometimes. The EMG test came back negative for carpal tunnel...something my doctor was positive I had and the EMG test was supposed to just confirm. Even the doctors at the EMG testing (there were 3 plus one lab tech) all thought that by my symptoms and strength tests that I had CTS. So something is definitely not right, but what is it? Without being able to go to the doctor's, I'll never find out!

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RU said...

Have them check for compartment syndrome which is a tad differenct from carpal tunnel... Have they ruled out arthritis yet? Sometimes it shows up when you are mid 20s and can worsen with rainy weather. It's a long shot but who knows?? Sorry I am not a doc and can't help you out more. Hope it gets resolved soon. Try icing it in the mean time- it will help with the swelling/pain.