Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bathroom in Progress...

Yesterday was a great day in the bathroom remodel! As you can see it already looks 10 times better and it's not even finished! I like how the sink and mirror are centered on the wall and each other now. And we didn't have to cover some of the vent. :) We had the wrong size lightbulbs but took the bulbs from the candles in the window for a temprary fix. They are only 15's and provide about the same light we were getting before. When we up them to 40, I think it will be great! Jeff is going to come back on Monday to finish the wainscotting and chair rail and corner pieces. Jeff and Peter worked for like 12 hrs yesterday and I must say--job well done! We love the new sink/cabinet and also the medicine chest. We used the silver knobs on the cabinet for 15 cents each and it really looks nice with the faucet and the mirror. I'm wondering if I should get a new toilet paper and towel holder in silver to also pop. I'll look online to see. I'm very happy with the results so far. This weekend I hope to paint the ceiling white and walls a light seashore blue color. This way we don't have to be precise with the paint trim since it will be covered by the chair rail. Then after Monday (when Jeff comes back to finish up) I'll be able to add pictures, shower curtain and other accessories and have a wonderfully nice bathroom!

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