Monday, August 20, 2007

Bathroom blues

After this weekend, we're even closer to the finished product in our bathroom. Saturday we painted the inside of the door, the trim work, and the built in cupboard all white....needs 1 more coat to be solid and finished. Even with primer, the old dark blue is hard to cover. We also have been using painter's tape to tape out things so it's easier to paint and less messy. We're pleased with how things are going so far. We painted the walls a new, lighter shade of blue. However, while on the sample and in the can, it looked like our perfect color, after 2 coats on the wall it looks like baby blue--not exactly what we wanted. We can always take it back and have it lightened, but we're going to see how it looks with everything all finished and loaded in. Tomorrow night Jeff comes to finish the last bit of wainscotting, the corner pieces and the chair rail-yay! Then we'll be able to do one last coat of white and take the paint off and be done! Hooray! I already have our new shower curtain ($8) with nice beachy colored stripes and the previously mentioned pictures to hang. Also going to get a new chrome towel ring and toilet paper holder ($10 total for what we found so far, maybe cheaper--I love those bargains!), and since I spilled paint on our old floor mat, I think I'll look for a new one of those also. I also saw cute corner shelves at Lowes that I want to show to Peter to put in the corner by our door. To top things off, I'm going to use all of the fabulous seashells we collected on our honeymoon last year to put around in the bathroom. I really love decorating and am excited to finish this project! I took a few more pictures of our bathroom in progress this weekend and will post those later.

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RU said...

sounds great and I agree- there is nothing better than a finished house project and doing it bargain style is so rewarding!! Keep up the great work!