Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Porch Furniture

I found these pictures of the porch furniture I got this year. I bough this whole set (4 chairs, table, buffet and a shelf unit-not pictured) for $75. I intended to use the table and chairs and buffet as outside furniture for on our covered deck. I painted them all white and recovered the seats with brown outdoor fabric from JoAnn's for $7. Paint was $15 so total = $97! I used the shelf unit in the spare bedroom and painted it sage green (our kitchen wall color) and made it a tv stand with a vcr shelf, etc. Here are the befores of the table/chairs and buffet. They look better in picture actually bc they were really shiny, orientalish looking pieces.

Here's the after on our deck: They have been standing up pretty well in the elements. The only thing was that the board on the back of the buffet warped bc we have a leak in the roof where it seems to the house and it got very wet. I can replace that though. And I think I painted the drawer shut somehow haha but I'm still investigating that... :P I'm very pleased with the outcome and so proud of myself!

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RU said...

AWESOME! I love what a fresh coat of paint can do.
Thats great! Gotta love a bargain and then making it look so great is bonus satisfaction.