Thursday, August 30, 2007

Rain Delay

Well I wish it would have rained was supposed to.  So once again we had to delay the finishing of the wainscotting/trimwork in the bathroom.  Ugh!  Jeff was going to come down but we said no when we saw 60% chance of thunderstorms.  It looked like it was going to rain on the way home but NOTHING...not one single DROP.  I was bummed.  Last night and this evening I finished the final coats of touch up in the bathroom and took off all of the painting tape.  I also hung the toilet paper holder so we don't have to keep the TP on the window sill anymore haha.  I also got things organized for loading back in and did a nice cleaning of the bathroom.  Weds should be the final day and then a deep clean will follow.  So hopefully next week at this time it will be DONE! *crosses fingers*

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