Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Outside Improvements

Man I hadn't realized how different our house looks. Here are more before/after shots of the front and back.

When we moved in, we had no yard. Instead it was this dog pen with stones at the bottom, wire fence around it and dead honeysuckle all over it. It was a real pain to rip out and dig out and plant grass but we did it! And it's sooooo much nicer!

You can't really see the same angle, but the green grass in this picture follows all the way down where the pen used to be.

Front of the house when we moved trim, overgrown everything...huge mess.

New paint! Plus Peter and Jeff cut down a tree in the middle of the yard as well as some other huge shrubs. You can actually see the house now!

The old, short and slippery when wet steps...

The brand new retaining wall and awesome steps!

And the other side...

We still have to finish doing the landscaping out front. It's been so hot and humid and then we started the bathroom so we hope to finish that soon!


RU said...

wowsers! You two have been busy and the place looks great! So fun to watch the progress and I am sure its a big AHHH to see it change over time and become your own little home :)

Peter and Mal said...

so much of the house looking nice is because of you mal.... i am so blessed to have your creative mind and working hands! i love you so much :o)