Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Kitchen Catastrophe

I found these pictures of what our kitchen looked like when we first moved in. Aqua cabinets, old nasty floors, 2 different kinds of mis-matched wallpaper (both of which were hideous), and ugly 25+yr old fridge and stove they left us (when we had newer ones already) and an all around mess. The day we got the keys, I ripped the wallpaper down--it felt so good! There are no pictures of the appliances, but you'll just have to trust me bc they were old and dirty and nasty!

At the end of the first weekend we moved in, this is what our kitchen was like---new paint on the walls, cupboards, hardware and new flooring. I also lined all the shelfs with shelf paper bc the old wood was kind nasty. I cleaned them all out and put the paper down and it made a world of a difference! Plus we got our appliances in there and the old ones out. I didn't paint all of the cabinet doors yet and actually we left them like this for a while because then it was wedding planning time and I didn't have enough time to work, have over and hour commute each way, do wedding stuff, and paint. It was good though bc we both learned where things were haha.

A few months later we have curtains, painted cupboards and a great looking kitchen! I still have a few things to do in there - add a shelf above the stove and make more counter space (you can see the brackets in one of the photos), paint the microwave stand to match the cabinets, put a new back door on, and then do all the touch ups.

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