Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What a Day!

Well today, actually this whole week, has been crazy at work for me. We're in the process of making new IDs for all 3 companies. I've looked over the choices, decided on one and we finally got it 2 weeks ago, even though we ordered it like 6 weeks ago. Our "systems administrator" aka "biggest schmuck on earth" set up Badge Builder and the printer, etc. Well yesterday and today I've spent all day at work setting up the software, installing drivers, installing hardware, etc etc. As an HR person I don't think I should be doing that kind of stuff but schmucko can't do anything. Seriously he's like the biggest idiot, I don't know why he is even employed. Anytime anyone has computer problems, he's never able to help them. I don't bother even asking for help and just do it with this project. It was either me do it all or me do it with him over my shoulder not knowing anything. Even though my boss told him that this is a computer program and he needs to learn it in order to be able to support it. (Yeah right!) At this point no one knows how to set up anything for it, make databases, design the cards, or anything else...just me! Since we have 3 companies, I have to make 3 separate databases, design cards and that's a lot harder than it sounds. It's not just click on the employee's name and fix a spelling error. The card is set up with 123456789012345 being coded for "FirstName_LastName" and you have to pull up the coding and enter it. Very hard to explain. Then I had to deal with importing all 3 logos and making the printer pick up the very faint details of it. What you see on the screen isn't what prints. For example, the DBA logo looks like a dark gray box with our logo in it on screen but prints out perfectly. It's frustrating because I went through 60+ cards (front and back) because every change needed to be printed to see what it looked like. After 2 straight days of headache, I've got 2 of the 3 companies done. Yay! Tomorrow I'll have to do the last company and then add all employees for each company to their respective spots. (Name, Title, Company, Emp #, Signature and Photo). So this means I'll have to set up schedules to get everyone's signature. We have like 230+ employees! It'll take forever before this is all done. But after that it should be easier, I hope!

Well that probably didn't make sense to most folks, but that's all that has been going on in my life this week so far. Tonight I did final touch up painting to the bathroom. I'm anxiously awaiting Jeff to return to finish up. It was supposed to be Thurs or Fri but tomorrow it's scheduled to rain in the evening (big surprise!) and Fri Jeff's going away. So who knows when it'll finally be done, but I hope SOON!

In the meantime, I'm super excited to have Monday off for Labor Day. I think I'll also take a half day on Friday just because I can.

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