Saturday, May 3, 2008

4 days later...

and my jaw still hurts.  At least I can tell it's getting better.  I have to go back to the dentist in a week and a half and will let him know what's going on.

In other news...I'm so glad that it's the weekend.  Unfortunately, it's already flying by.  Peter and I have been having busy days this week again.

On Wednesday, we had our weekly chiropractor appointment and went out to do errands afterwards.  I've planned so that we do grocery shopping or whatever needs done on the same day of our chiro appointment so that we're not out every evening after work.  For one, it makes us not be able to relax as much in the evenings.  And it also means we grab dinner out.  I prefer cooking and eating at home because it's definitely less expensive, and I enjoy it, and I make more than 2 portions so that we have lunches the next day.  When we eat out, I have to figure out alternatives for lunch.  Which sometimes isn't hard, but sometimes is.  So our errands for Wednesday included shopping for gifts.  In the coming month we are going to a wedding, my boss is having her birthday, and the ceo's daughter at my company is having a baby.  We went to Bed Bath & Beyond first since that's where the couple getting married was registered and I also had a $10 coupon off a $30 purchase.  While waiting for the registry to print, Peter and I found two lounge type chairs that we're planning on purchasing.  They're $40 but I have coupons for 20% off any item so they'll be $32 each.  I didn't have those coupons with me so we'll go back another day.  We did manage to pick out a wedding present so that was check off my to-do list.  I found a cute baby outfit at Target, but realized I purchased the wrong size.  I wanted to get 6month and got 9 on accident.  Other than that, we had dinner and also returned the cfl bulbs at Lowe's.  

We came straight home from work on Thursday which is something I was looking forward to.  I made swedish meatballs in the crockpot so when we got home, it smelled soooo good!  Instead of having them with rice as planned, Peter picked up some rolls and we had meatball hoagies instead.  I made mini tator tots and broccoli to go with them and it was a very yummy dinner.   Of course we didn't just have steamed broccoli, we had the special little concoction I make which Peter loves.  It's just steamed broccoli with italian dressing and grated parmesan cheese.  Very tasty though.  We also watch "The Prince of Egypt" which Peter had rented on Monday night with the "No Reservations" movie we watched.  The latter was due back Tuesday since it was a new release so we had watched that one Monday night.  "The Prince of Egypt" was a good Disney movie.  I had never seen it and it was fun to just veg out with my hubby.   

After work on Friday we met up with friends at The Waterfront.  We had a "girls night" and "guys night".  Peter met up with Barney and Jeff and went to Dave & Busters.  I met up with Steph and Kelly and we went to dinner and a movie.  We had burgers at Red Robin which none of us had ever been to.  It was very good and they serve bottomless steak fries which had some great seasoning on them.  We went to Loew's theater to see "Made of Honor".  I love that theater, but rarely go because it's like ten bucks per ticket.  Except they do offer discounts Mon-Thurs which I just recently found out about.  The movie was good, but I don't think as good as any of us had expected.  It had some quite unnecessary scenes.  I definitely liked the last movie I saw there better-27 dresses.  After the movie, we met up with the guys at Uno's for dessert.  I had also never been there but Steph had been and recommended their desserts.  I had a deep dish chocolate chip cookie with ice cream that I shared with Peter and Barney.  It was good, but I probably would have preferred it without the ice cream.  My teeth were still very sensitive from the dumb dentist.  We didn't get home until about midnight which is very late for us.  Towards the end of the evening I started getting very tired haha.  

And here we are on Saturday.  I wish Saturdays were 48 hours long instead of 24.   I just need more weekend time, it seems to pass so quickly!  I did "sleep in" until about 8 this morning.  But now I'm just lounging on the couch and watching my usual home makeover shows.  It's raining which is good because my grass and flowers need it, but I was kind of hoping it'd rain all week (which it barely did even though they forecasted it) and stop on the weekend so I could get some yard work done.  Oh well :P  

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