Wednesday, May 28, 2008

T-fal has passed the test!

Tonight for dinner I made some yummy chicken lo mein with veggies.  It was pretty simple and tasted good so another successful recipe that I just made up haha.  I was also planning ahead and boiling enough chicken for tomorrow's dinner as well so that when I got home it'd be a quick 5 minute fix and dinner would be ready.  Well Peter and I came in to watch some episodes of "The Office" from our DVD collection and got completely enthralled in the show that we totally forgot about the extra chicken we had boiling.....until Peter smelled smoke and then I was like UH OH.  I asked him if he thought the stove was on and he said no we turned it off (referring to the burners used for tonight's mea-which were off).  We got into the kitchen and it was completely clouded with smoke.  All of the water in the 5 quart pot had cooked up and the chicken was burnt to the bottom.  We opened the door, turned on the fan to draw the smoke out, and then poured cold water on the pot.  To much of the surprise of both of us, the pot literally wiped clean.  All of the burned on chicken, chicken fat, water, etc. just wiped off!  I was worried at first because of how bad it looked, but after washing it out, you wouldn't even know this little incident happened!  I'm glad because I love my t-fal and use this pot all the time.  It's good to know that t-fal won't let me down haha.

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