Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Fun!

Since we drove home to Orin Street last night, we had another full day together before having to return to work tomorrow so we decided to make the most of it. We headed out around lunch time and it was actually warm out-but a bit muggy since storms were on their way.

Can you tell Pittsburgh hasn't seen much sun lately? Peter and I are looking especially pale haha.

While we were gone, my 2 rhododendruns bloomed! One is behind us in the previous picture and this pink one is my favorite. So bright and pretty!

Here we are en route to a fun filled day at The Waterfront:

Our first stop was TGIFridays for lunch. I had an $8 coupon towards a free appetizer and got the Jack Daniels Sesame Chicken appetizer as my meal. It's my favorite thing and I always get it haha. And this time it only costed me 19 cents! Peter got the Jack Daniels Pulled Pork sandwich and we shared a lunch size Cobb salad. It was all very yummy and only cost us $20 and that included the tip!

After lunch, we headed to Loew's to get our movie tickets for the 3:30 showing of the new Chronicles of Narnia movie. We had an hour to kill in the meantime and just walked around the waterfront, stopping in a few stores and Barnes & Noble. Loew's theater is my favorite because they have stadium seating and the armrests fold up between seats. The seats also rock a little bit. Since it was a weekday matinee, it was only $5 per ticket. I can't rationalize spending twice that to see the same movie in the evening or on the weekend haha. With my coupon for AMC theaters for a free small popcorn with any soda purchase, another $4.75 got us a large cherry coke and a small popcorn. The movie was great, but I think it may have been a little much for some of the young kids that were in the theater. (There were some as young as infants). And I also think the kiss at the end was highly unnecessary haha. We stopped at Giant Eagle to do a big grocery trip and then headed home.

It was a fabulous day just bopping around The Waterfront. And lunch, the movie and snacks only totaled $34.75.  Can't beat that!  

After conquering the task of unpacking all the groceries and putting them away, we made pork roll sandwiches to have with macaroni salad and vegged out for a bit.  Now we're just getting ready for getting back to the ol' grind tomorrow.  After my dentist appointment.  Yuck.  But we have another 4 day weekend on June 7-10!  

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