Monday, May 12, 2008

Andrew Fat Formica

On Friday night after work, Peter and I spent hours reinforcing the steel support beams in our house in preparation for Mr. Tub-o-lard himself visiting.  

Saturday was a gorgeous morning and early afternoon.  We bummed around for a bit and went out to get Andrew at the airport.  We sat outside at Starbucks for a while to kill some time.  It was a lovely spring day--sunny skies and cool breezes.  I did a bit of shopping while Peter drove the 15 mins from where we were to the airport.  I had to get a present for my boss-it's her birthday tomorrow.  And I did a bit of grocery shopping since Fatso was going to be in town.  After being picked up, we all went home and Peter cut the grass, Andrew did some studying and I ran back out to another store.  I was planning on doing some weeding but didn't feel like it by the time I got home and the boys were hungry.  So I started on dinner.  We grilled hamburgers and hotdogs and had macaroni salad and chips-BBQ and Garden Salsa Sun Chips-yum!  We watched "The 6th Sense" which was pretty good.  Before the movie finished, the rain set in so we just stayed indoors.  The boys kept playing Warcraft and I eventually called it a night out of sheer exhaustion haha.  

The rain continued into Sunday (with a bit of a hailstorm at one point).  I made lasagna and put it in the oven right before we left for church so that after the service we could come home and eat.  I made salad and bruschetta with it.  We watched "Pinky & the Brain" while we ate.  The boys played more Warcraft and I putzed around the house and watched some TV.  I also baked some chocolate chip cookies and chocolate chip brownies :)  We hit up the mall and bookstore in the late afternoon for a bit.  I had to return something at Yankee Candle and Peter and I walked around a little bit, leaving Tubb-o at Barnes and Noble to get some reading done for his paper he needed to write.  When we joined up with him to read some ourselves, we found him snoozing away!  So we all decided to read for a while and head home for dinner.  While we ate dinner, we watched "Bicentennial Man"-soooo lame!  Andrew chose it and we'll never let him pick another movie again :P  

The weekend again went way too fast but it was nice to relax and see Andrew. 

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