Monday, May 5, 2008

Cinco de Mayo

2 years ago Peter asked me to marry him.  
2 years ago I said yes.
2 years ago my life changed for the best :)

I still remember all of the details.  The thought and energy Peter put in to the entire magical evening.  I remember being blown away that he had driven to Hollidaysburg two days earlier telling me he was "going to an interview" and asking my dad for his blessing.  I know that was really special to my dad and it was also really special to me :)  I remember it being 11 months that we had been dating, he took me to 11 places that were special to us, there were 11 diamonds in my engagement ring and there were 11 gerbera daisies (my absolute favorite flower) waiting in a beautiful floral arrangement waiting at the final place.  I remember how amazing the entire evening was and will always treasure that night. 

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