Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Good News & Bad News

Good News: Today I got to sleep in and just relax a bit after waking up.
Bad News: I had a 9:15 AM dental appointment.  

Two hours later, I was done.  And it didn't hurt...at least not yet.  I'm glad I had a bite to eat when we stopped by our house on the way to work.  Peter had lunch and I just ate a little bit, still being very numbed up.  We also used my free milkshake coupon at Chick-fil-A the way to work so I had that.  About 20 minutes after arriving at work, I had a throbbing pain in my mouth where they had done the work and took ibuprofen right away.  The throbbing gave me a headache and what was supposed to be a short day felt like a long day.  The pain has subsided now, thankfully.  I'm just glad that I only have 3 more appointments and all of this work will be done!  I haven't had a whole lot of teeth worked on, it's just everything they do is 2 or 3 appointments for the same tooth.  So my next appointment will finish up these 2 teeth I had worked on today and then two more appointments for the last tooth and then I'll be on to only 6 month check ups!  I won't know what to do with myself.  

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