Saturday, October 4, 2008

What a week!

On Tuesday, Peter and I expected this to be a nice short week at work since it was only 4 days.  And that usually means that the work isn't as long and busy.  That definitely was not the case this week haha.  Read for yourself:

Tues: Pretty normal day...both of us went to work the entire day and then bible study at the church in the evening.  

Weds:  Had Fios installed at our house and since they didn't leave until later in the afternoon, we just stayed home from work the whole day.  It wasn't worth it to drive an hour just to work for an hour and then drive an hour home.  Peter's eye also flared up a bit in the morning, but was ok by the afternoon.  We also had our roofers here working on our new roof.  That is until it rained and they had to call it a day.  It rained on Tues also which prevented them from working.  Originally it was supposed to be done by Weds.  Oh well.  

Thurs:  Peter couldn't open his eye because it was swollen and sore and hurt really badly.  So we made an appointment to see a corneal specialist at the Ear and Eye Institute again, this time the Monroeville location.  We had just been the Oakland location on Friday, where he saw 3 different eye doctors who all told him that his eye was healing and he needed to wait a month and come back.  I went to work in the morning since there was nothing I could do for him except set him up in bed with juice and breakfast and pull all the blinds so it was dark in there for him.  I left around 12:30 and came home to pick him up for his appointment.  This doctor was the only one who finally had an action plan and begin it right there by scraping off old dead skin on his eye (really gross to watch haha) and then she put a plug in his lower tear duct to hold tears and the medicine longer.  She also gave him and antibiotic eye drop and Vicodin to deal with the pain.  Oh, and she put in a contact to act as a bandaid.  After stopping and getting him something to eat since he wasn't in pain at the time and actually felt hungry, and picking up his prescriptions, we headed home.  I was able to get a grocery shopping in during the 20 mins at Giant Eagle when I was waiting for his prescriptions to fill.  He stayed in the car to rest and eat :)  The rest of the evening I just did some lounging around the house and Peter basically slept.  The Vicodin just knocked him out, but I was thankful for that since he didn't really sleep at all the night before.  

Fri:  Peter decided he wanted to go to work today so we both got ready and headed out.  He usually drives, but I took the wheel since his eye was still sore and a bit swollen, plus he was doped up on Vicodin.  About halfway to work, we had to pull over because he hadn't eaten enough to balance the Vicodin he took so he was feeling sick.  He called his boss and decided to just take the day off.  After a long ride back home (we had to stop a few times so he wouldn't puke) I got him set up on the couch and gave him some oatmeal.  I felt so bad for him because he was already suffering from his eye and now he was freezing (layers of sweats, blankets, heavy hunting socks and a heating pad) and he felt sick in his stomach, etc.  By 10, he was well enough for me to head to work and he basically slept the whole day away except for when he was eating or taking medicine.  I was so glad to hear that because it's what his body needs.  By that evening I was pretty tired myself.  It's just been a busy week of running around and trying to keep up with work even though I wasn't there most of the week, and worrying about my hubby.  After some dinner and a nice video chat with Matt and Ruthann, Peter was out cold again.  I watched TV for about an hour and then we both hit the sack.

Today is homecoming at Geneva and we had plans to meet up with a bunch of friends, but I don't know if we'll be going or not.  My main concern is Peter's eye and I don't know if he'll feel up to going.  He really wants to because he wants to see friends and I do too, but we'll just have to wait and see.

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