Sunday, October 19, 2008

More Fall Fun!

This weekend's weather was much more fall-like with semi-cloudy skies, warm sun, and a crisp breeze. I absolutely love fall weather! Since Peter's eye was feeling ok, we headed up north again on Saturday. This time our destinations were the Grove City outlets and Moraine State Park.

Us on our way to the outlets:

Our intention at the outlets was to look for a few Christmas presents that we had in mind. No such luck. On the plus side, I found some great brown pants at the Gap outlet for myself haha. As most girls do, it's hard to find pants that fit as you like and that you like the style of so when I find some, I get 'em. At $20, they are more than I usually spend, but for the reasons above, I still purchased them. That with $3 body mist was my big purchase of the day. Peter left the outlets empty handed. :( We did get a few small Christmas present items at the Kirkland's oulet though, so it wasn't a complete shut out present wise haha. Kirkland's is a fabulous store that much of my side of the family likes so it's easy to score gifts there. I even bought a small snowman for myself for $3. :)

After the outlets we headed over to Moraine State Park. We were so glad to pull up to this:

A beautiful empty park! Well, not completely empty. As we walked around, we saw very few people though. Which was a lot better than last weekend when we went to McConnell's Mills and it was jam-packed.

We walked right up to the water and just soaked in the sounds of nature and the warm fall sun for a while.

Here's my handsome hubby enjoying the beautiful day!

It was so peaceful and serene. We could've stayed here all day. Unfortunately it was already 4:00 or so by the time we arrived and the park closes at sunset, which is coming earlier and earlier these days.

I loved watching the sun reflect off of the slow moving water. This is a place you can get so lost in your thoughts and awe of how magnificent God is.

Lake Arthur is huuuuuge! Somewhere like 3200 acres? I don't know the exact size, but it's pretty big, trust me.

This picture doesn't capture the splendor of the trees, but it gives you an idea. Since we were there when the sun kept going behind the clouds, it was hard to full capture the beauty.

This one, however, turned out great!

We sat at these docks for a while just enjoying each other's company and God's beautiful creation. We even watched two dogs jump in and out of the water, seemingly having the time of their lives haha. It was fun to watch. :)

What a great fall day with the love of my life :)

Our view as we sat on the dock. We were even treated to watching a sailboat float by in the distance.

What a great day for sailing!

I thought this tree was kind of cute looking, but Peter called it "the ugly tree" haha.

I love fall and I love him so this was a great day for me!

Until now haha. Apparently I was unhappy that I sat on this table and got covered in gunk haha.

We used a timer here and got a great shot! Don't mind the picnic table at the bottom :P

I'm definitely giving my "Ok Peter" face here haha. Apparently I was laughing and in disbelief about something. What it was, I can't remember :)

This is one of my favorite pictures of the day. I took it while horsing around on this great tree haha.

My best friend :)

I wanted Peter to sit on the picnic table, but he didn't want to because he knew it was dirty. Unlike me in one of the previous pictures haha.

This is the tree we played around in for a while. It's such a pretty tree :)

And one of the little leaves from it haha.

I took this shot from the car as we were starting our trip out of the park. There's the sailboat again. Peter's never been to Moraine so he didn't realize how huge the lake was and what a fabulous and big park it is. We'll definitely be coming back again!

The lake is through those trees. Such a great little setting, don't ya think?

And here's a shot of the drive to the exit of the park. Such a great drive in/out of the parks up here!

The wind by the lake was actually pretty chilly today and since it was already late in the day, we only stayed in the park for like 2 hours. We both loved that it wasn't packed like last week and hope to make another trip up before winter. Don't know if we'll be able to or not, but we'd like to. And maybe even once in the winter to see the beautiful snow covered scenery :)

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