Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom :)

Today is my mom's birthday. Coincidentally it's also Ashleigh's (dear friend) and Matt's (brother-in-law). I called my mom this morning on the way to work, with the intention of waking her up, haha. But to my surprise, she was already wide awake from having Bryson for the night and getting him off to school, etc. We chatted most of the way to work, but I had to hang up right before Glass Run Road since it's near work and drops calls because it has so cell phone signal.

We are going to visit my mom and family in Hollidaysburg next weekend so we'll celebrate her birthday with her then. We would've gone this weekend, but Peter has to work tomorrow morning for a few hours and then an out-of-town friend is coming in to visit with Jeff and so we'll go up and hang out there for a while. Maybe on Sunday we'll go to another park since it's rapidly getting colder and colder here and park time is quickly coming to an end. I'm a bit bummed because we didn't have a lot of very fall-ish weather. It seemed to go from like 80's to 50's with very little time in the 60's-70's range. There's even snow in the 5 day forecast here. Good thing we've brought out some blankets and Peter's changed out his winter and summer clothes!

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