Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fun with Cadi

Peter had a needle stuck in his eye again at the doctor's so he took Vicodin and passed out cold for the majority of the evening. I didn't mind and was more concerned about the pain he was in. He was half awake around 5 and said to start dinner because he could eat something so I did. By 5:30 when dinner was done, he was knocked out. So I just did some random things like pay bills and write checks for certain things and did a little straightening up in the dining room since our table was overtaken by misc. items. I also chatted online for a bit with a friend from college which was fun. I got to catch up a bit with her. And then I played with Cadi. After Peter woke up and we ate dinner, we watched ANTM and he started getting sleepy again since he took more Vicodin after dinner. I showed him what I did while he slept and then played with Cadi some more. This time I video taped it. She's such a goofball and absolutely loves boxes. This came with a shipment of items we ordered over a week ago and I've just left it in the living room (empty) so she could play with it.
Anyways, here's the video and I'm off to catch some sleep like Peter's doing.

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Anonymous said...

Hey! just want you to know I read your blog, and hope and pray for both of you.