Monday, October 13, 2008

Columbus Day = No Work!

Today I had the day off-thank you Columbus!  Peter didn't though :(  Usually if I have a holiday, he just uses time and takes the day off with me, but since he was off quite a few days with his eye, we didn't see why he should really take another day since we hadn't planned anything.  So he went to work and I stayed home and played wifey.  :)  

Basically I cleaned the entire house while taking breaks to watch a few favorite weekday daytime shows that I never see and to chat online a bit.  It felt great to get the whole house cleaned.  I even polished our furniture.  My dad would be so proud :P

I also made a scrumptious baked chicken breast dinner with red roasted potatoes and green beans.  And I whipped up another batch of caramel apple oatmeal bars to use up some more apples.  Last year I used the majority of our apples to make apple butter, but didn't feel in the mood for it this year.  I think I'll use the rest of our apples to make some simple applesauce.  I had everything baking away in the oven and hit the shower before Peter came home.  

I got a real glimpse into what will hopefully be our future in a few years.  Me at home (with the kiddies) and keeping house and him working to provide.  We've been earnestly working towards this goal and God-willing, it'll happen someday.  Peter, being the dear husband that he is, even brought me home flowers!  They are so pretty with the mix of colors and quite autumny too.  I'm pretty simple in the flower dept. because I don't really like roses (making from working in the flower shop with them for so long?) and I love just a nice little mix of flowers.  

As you can see, our apple basket has downgraded to a bowl and the flowers Peter brought home are just beautiful :)

And a close-up:

We spent the evening together watching "You've Got Mail" on TV and crocheting and playing computer games.  A very good day off!  And now that means only 4 days til the weekend :P

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