Monday, October 6, 2008

Waterfront Fun

Ashley and Drew came over this past Sunday which was lots of fun. We went to Lowe's theater at The Waterfront to see "Nights in Rodanthe". It was a good movie, but cheesy at parts. Sometimes I even had to make the wise crack everyone was thinking. Defnitely not as good as "The Notebook" which left me in tears, but a good chick-flick nonetheless. Especially worth seeing since it's only $5 for tickets at Lowe's during the day. Not to mention I had a coupon for free popcorn when you purchased a fountain drink, which I printed off a few times so everyone could have one, even though Ash and Drew shared, as did me and the hubby. And with stadium seating which are the most comfortable seats in town, it was a good time. Plus I like Richard Gere and Diane Lane, but trust me, it's much different than the last movie I saw them in together: "Unfaithful". Both good movies. Both very different, obviously.

After the movie, we walked around The Waterfront shops and did some shopping. The only store that got our business was Target. We sisters love Target. I got a cute skirt (clearance) and brown cardigan (sale) and didn't pay a penny outta pocket since I'm still milking those $250 in gift cards my awesome husband scored. Ash got a few "teacher" sweaters and a gift for a friend.

It was a beautiful day and fun to walk around the shops. Peter and I frequently visit The Waterfront, but usually tend to stay at the Target/Giant Eagle shopping center part. Rarely do we make our way to the fountain area with all the little stores. I don't know why though because we both like it when we do go. Oh well :P

Here's me and Ash. Obviously sisters. Sporting the shades and the crooked posture :P

Ash and her man of 4 years. They just celebrated their dating anniversary in Sept. :)

Peter was happy to be with us. Honestly. Despite the look of torture on his face. This may've been when we clued him on that we'd be stopping at Target. He's not a dedicated Target shopper like me and Ash.

I've never seen these before, but they had all kinda of huge colorful animals like this. We decided to take a picture with the worm. Maybe because the apple and Ash is going to be a teacher? I dunno.

It was great fun to hang out with them and share my love for Target with Ash. Peter just doesn't quite understand it.

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