Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The hustle and bustle of life...

Peter and I have sure been busy lately.  Work has been completely nuts for me but it makes the days go by faster which is really nice.  I can remember the days I'd take books to read or recipe cards to write out or something to occupy my time.  Now I'm lucky if I get 5 minutes to take a breather during the work day.  We've been having a trouble employee at work in regards to them working enough hours etc.  It's a shame because it's an executive level employee.  I've been recruited as some sort of "spy" to monitor her time, etc.  I'm actually glad for it because she hasn't been working nearly enough time.  She is actually out of PTO and will end up paying at the end of the year.  She is working very short days around 9-2, if that.  She continually has crazy stories, etc of what's going on and has been caught in several lies already.  We'll see how it all pans out in the near future because according to our CEO "her days are numbered."  

In other news,  this past Saturday I cleaned the whole house.  It was a good feeling when I was all done and I took my time and watched tv here and there throughout the process as well.  I even got a few loads of laundry done which is always a nice preparation for the coming week.  I really don't mind doing laundry though because we have 2 hampers that we sort it in and I ask Peter to throw a load in for me and he does, puts it in the dryer and then brings the basket back upstairs.  I fold the clothes and put them away.  Sometimes he even helps with that.  It's a good system and I am thankful for his help.  He even made lunch for us on Saturday while I was cleaning which was so nice of him. :)  

On Monday I was able to catch up on emails with some friends and family which was really nice.  Sometimes I get so busy that things like that tend to fall by the waste side.  I also got in a phone call to my dad to check in on how things were going at home.  I know that the past 2 weeks have been extremely hard for him and even for my mom too since she's trying to change his diet as well after finding out he has diabetes.  I had such a hard time over Easter weekend at home and held back tears a few times.  I was so excited for my dad when he told me that he has lowered his blood sugar level even  more!  He started around 300 (normal is 120) and after dinner that night it was only 100!!!  I'm so proud of him and for my mom and her patience and helping to make foods that he can eat.  They are going to see a nutritionist in a week so they should be able to find out more about what he can and can not eat, etc.  I know how hard this change has been for my dad who loves food and I think about him so often throughout my days now, especially when I eat.  I can only continue to pray for him and hope that he is able to control his diabetes with his diet.  

Last night we finally made it back to Hebron's Tuesday night group.  We grabbed dinner on our way home so skipped the meal but go there right before 7 for the study.  We had been MIA in our study for a while because of being sick and run down and then so busy at work that we needed rest.  It felt really good to be back out but when we got home around 9:30, we were definitely ready for sleeping.  After unwinding a bit and catching up on Monday's "Bachelor" we did just that.  They are doing a new series on Tuesday nights titled "Going Higher" and all of the studies are joined together for a lesson and then break up into study groups.  Our group was good, but there were a few older folks who were kind of stuck on arguing their points.  But all in all it was good and Peter and I both learned from it which is what we're really seeking anyways.  We had a really nice chat in the car on the way to work about it this morning too.  

After work today we had our weekly chiropractor appointment and then headed home where Peter made a yummy dinner for us.  While he was doing that, I was looking at the Giant Eagle ad for sales starting tomorrow.  I finished my shopping list just he finished dinner.  After dinner I made an appointment to get new contacts/glasses this Saturday while my sister briefly visits.  I have an extra $1,000 added to my BOF at work which can be used to be reimbursed for any sort of medical type expenses.  Contact and glasses count so I figured I'd get new glasses and I'm in need of refills on my contacts.  If I don't use the money it just gets forfeited.  Plus I already have $1,200 in my BOF from the regular year, not including the addition.  So in total I have $2,200 to spend between now and June 30 for things to be reimbursed.  Don't be surprised if you get a basket of medicines from us for Christmas this year haha jk.  Anything like prescriptions, copays, and even over-the-counter drugs count too.  So we'll definitely stock up our medicine cabinet since it's all going to get reimbursed.   Last year I had the $1,000 addition also but had paid some in health insurance premiums before we got on Peter's plan so we just got reimbursed for that.  Since I am on his plan now and he pays no premiums, I'm actually finding it harder to spend the money and am anticipating forfeiting probably the entire $1,000 addition and then some.  

After making my appointment I noticed that I had somehow missed last week's GE ad.  And lots of things were on sale that we use.  I decided it was worth it to go out at 8:30 PM to get a few things and Peter so nicely came with me.  We returned by 9 with a full trunk of groceries.  I was glad though because today was the last day of the sale since GE runs on a Thurs-Weds week for sales.  So we ended up saving a lot and needed all of the items we purchased.  We would have ended up spending a lot more if we just waited and went tomorrow.  

Now it's almost 11 and it's time to hit the sack.  2 more days til the weekend!!

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