Monday, April 14, 2008

Rainy Days and Mondays

Thank you Karen Carpenter for inspiring my blog title this evening haha.  
It seems that the busyness that is my life has left far less time for blogging than it used to.  I used to journal pretty much everyday which has accumulated dozens of notebooks and am glad to have an electronic way of doing it now.  I'm very much a product of my generation in regards to this haha.  But I also like it because it doesn't hurt my hand as much as writing vigorously for an hour does.  This is actually a big plus.  So let's see...what have I been up to?

Well last week was  very crazy blur of work and errands every day.  Between our weekly chiro appointment, Tuesday night Bible Study, and picking up/dropping off Matthew at the airport, we did not have much time to do anything else.  It was good to see Matthew for a little bit though.  We had dinner with him on Thursday and Friday and it was just us 3 both times and none of Peter's coworkers/bosses which was an added bonus!  

After stopping by Giant Eagle for my follow-up appointment, Peter and I did a few errands of going to the bank, post office and stopping at Lowe's.  I did a ton of yard work on Saturday and am so excited to have ripped out some huge roots and tall grasses from our yard.  It took a lot of work but was soooo worth it!  It was the perfect day for doing work like that since it was sunny but not like beating down and had a nice breeze in the air.  I am prepping a few areas that will get grass seeds this week.  I also put up our bird bath that had fallen over and planted a few violas around the base of it.  Peter and I are now thinking of doing the back hillside ourselves with the help of a few people.  We are thinking it's not that hard and might as well at least try.  I am so excited to do this!  Only a few more days of intense working in our front and back yards and things will be great.  I was looking through some pictures and already the house has improved greatly since we've moved in.  I'll have to post a timeline when all is done.  

Peter and I had somewhat "Spring" colors on (pink and green) so we decided to take a random picture.  It actually turned out quite nice!

On Sunday we went to church and then out to eat at CiCi's Pizza.  Peter had never been there and we had a promotional card from my sister.  We paid $10 for it for some fundraising she was doing and you get buy one get one free on either a pizza for take out or a buffet if you are eating in.  And it's only $4.99 for the buffet.  And we get to use it 7 times so it more than pays for itself.  So Peter and I had pizza, salad, etc for $5 for the two of us. :)  After lunch, we went to Barnes and Noble and read for a while.  I ended up buying another Nicholas Sparks' book-"At First Sight".  I read "True Believer" which is the book right before AFS so I wanted to see how it all ended haha.  After arriving home in the afternoon, I took a nap and Peter played his new PlayStation game-"Need For Speed".  Peter grilled chicken and I made fresh green beans and this chicken herb rice for dinner.  After dinner we watched a really creepy movie - "The Wicker Man".  It had Nicholas Cage in it and we thought it was going to be totally different based on the little bit of info we read on it.  It was a good movie since it kept our attention, etc. but just kind of made me think of "The Village" so it was just like creepy/bizarre.   I didn't mind that it rained on Sunday because I would have been more tempted to go back outside if it was nice and needed to not do that since my back was hurting a good deal from the work I did on Saturday.  I am pumped that this week is going to be nice including the whole weekend and I fully intend on getting lots more done outside.  

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