Sunday, April 27, 2008

Where's the slow motion button?

I swear that it was just Friday and Peter was picking me up after a long week of work and we were looking forward to a few days off.  And now it's Sunday night and new work week is upon us.  I sure wish weekends were 5 days and work weeks were 2 days haha.  No such luck though.  

We had a really nice weekend again.  And more productivity!  Saturday we ventured out to Lowe's to "go green".  Our intent was to change all of our light bulbs over to energy efficient cfl bulbs.  We spent some of the morning going through all of our rooms and writing down wattages and number of bulbs, etc.  We were all prepared to make the change.  I even had a $10 coupon off a $50 purchase at Lowe's.  We purchased our bulbs and a few other things and headed home.  After changing some of the bulbs I realized how much I disliked the clf lights.  They weren't bad in lamps where shades could take away the harshness of them....but in the ceiling fans and majority of lights we use, it was just way too sharp.  Peter and I are already stuck under fluorescent lights all day at we're taking all the bulbs back.  We are already very conscious of our energy usage and try to be as sensible as possible.  We turn off lights we aren't using, keep the heat low, etc.  And we use solar lights outside.  There is so much a person can really do to be earth friendly and after watching a show on HGTV, I realized I didn't even think about much of it  For instance using pots and pans that are naturally stick free instead of using teflon chemicals.  It gives me more to think about for what we can do.  It actually really urks me when I see things that are so blatantly "earth unfriendly".  Like the fact that my co-worker uses styrofoam plates 2x a day and has her kids use them also.  She said "she doesn't have time to clean them and doesn't want to use dishes other coworkers have because they don't clean them to her standards".  That's fine, bring in a dish and silverware of your own and just wash them each day.  Duh.

Anyways....Saturday morning was absolutely gorgeous.  We had plans to do a lot of yard work after changing bulbs back.  But by the time we finished lunch, the rain poured in.  And I do mean poured.  So Peter and I changed our plans.  I finished baking cookies that I started Friday evening for the church.  And then we went out for dinner and shopped at Kohl's since I had a gift card and coupon and then went to Barnes & Noble to read for a while.  It was quite a nice evening. :)

Today's weather was dry so we did the yard work that we postponed from yesterday.  Peter cut the grass and weedwacked and I painted our porch furniture.  It was white and just got soooo dirty so I used some paint we had in the basement and painted them more of a taupe color to hide the dirt some (I hope).  It's not an actual outside furniture set and I don't think it'll make another year because the wood is becoming warped.  I hope to find some kind of good deal at the end of the season this year.  After painting the furniture, I pulled a bunch of weeds and finished planting grass in our bare spots with Peter.  Peter also detailed the car inside and out so it's looking mighty spiffy!  Unfortunately it's supposed to rain all week and that'll probably make it all dirty and water spotted again.  I, on the other hand, am looking forward to the week of rain because it will really help with our new grass!  We spent the rest of the evening just vegging out and gearing up for another week ahead.  

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