Sunday, April 6, 2008

And so ends another weekend...

What a great weekend! Let's recap.

On Friday I was supposed to go to a girls' movie night with some gals from our Tuesday night study group. Unfortunately by the time I got home from work, I was exhausted. I had a very tiring day at work so I called and told them I'd have to take a rain check. Then I fell asleep for a little while while Peter went and got us some dinner. We had our own pizza and a movie night at home. We had yummy Papa John's pizza and watched "Legally Blonde 2". I just watched the first LB last Sunday afternoon, which I've seen before. But I have never seen the second one. After the movie, we just lounged around and hit the sack early.

I actually slept in til 9:45 on Saturday---I couldn't believe it! Usually I'm up around 7:30 or 8 on the weekends and then am up for like 2 hours and fall back asleep for an hour and then get up haha. I knew that I was just completely spent from the past week. We got up and out the door about 10:15 to head to the church for Clean Up Day. We were going to get there at 10, but no one cared that we came later. It was from 8-12 and they invited anyone to show up for any/all of the time. Peter and I painted the yellow strips on the steps between the two buildings and also the white arrows and 2 handicap signs in the upper parking lot. They couldn't find the larger handicap stencil so we didn't do them all. We volunteered to come back next Saturday to finish up if they find the stencil. It was a beautiful morning to be outside and helping on Clean Up Day. There were plenty of folks around doing yard work, fixing gravestones, redoing steps and railing and doing just general dusting and cleaning inside. It was nice to get involved and help out.

After returning home we dug out one of our big overgrown grass shrubs that both of us hate haha. We had 3 and are now down to 1. After this spring, they'll be all gone! I think I would have just stayed outside and worked in our yard a bit since we had a torrential downpour last night which made the ground nice and soft for digging things up, etc., but Ashley was coming so we needed to shower and clean up. I was glad to get the second grass shrub gone and can't wait to get back out there and clean off the deck and deck furniture and plant my annuals again. Perhaps I'll do that next weekend. After our showers, we met Ashley for lunch at the new chinese buffet place in Monroeville. Immediately afterwards, Ash and I headed to Giant Eagle to get her contacts and my eye exam, etc. She had to leave shortly to meet her friend for bridesmaid dresses so Peter joined me to help me pick out glasses. I ended up buying new glasses, prescription sunglasses, and contacts. And I got all of the extra things for the lenses for both pairs of glasses like scratch resistant, no glare, etc. And I even got a protection plan on them for 2 years incase they break or my prescription changes, etc. It all came to $700 since my frames were like high end Banana Republic and Saks 5th Ave ones. I usually am very conscientious about prices, etc but since it was all being reimbursed, I just didn't care. It felt so weird because I kept looking for the cheaper options, etc and then was like what for? I get fuel perks on these too so I might as well live it up haha. GE has some kind of membership thing though for $74 which saves you a lot of money so I did do that just because I didn't want to be outrageous. It pays for itself and then some with all the discounts. Without that, my total would have been over $1,000. I definitely wouldn't have gotten high end frames or prescription sunglasses if it wasn't all reimbursed by my company though. I had my eyes dilated also which wasn't that fun haha. I hadn't had it done in the last 2 years though so I figured just get it done while I was there. We went grocery shopping while waiting for my glasses to be done and I couldn't read anything and parts of the store were sooo bright. I have to go back next week to get my sunglasses and contacts, etc. After shopping, we came home and had leftovers for dinner and just vegged out. I actually got a really bad headache from my eyes being dilated and took a nap. My headache got so bad that I was getting nauseous. By the end of the evening I was feeling better though.

Today was an absolutely beautiful day! We went to church this morning and then stopped at the mall so I could run into Bath & Body Works. I had a gift card from returned lotions I got for Christmas from my boss. I don't use their lotions as much as the body sprays so I basically just wanted to swap them. They were having a sale of buy 3 get 1 free so I got 4 and only paid $1.07 out of pocket haha. Sweet Pea, Wild Honeysuckle, Coconut Lime Verbena, and Cherry Blossom were the 4 fragrances I bought. Barney texted Peter this morning and we made plans for him to come down for lunch so we stopped at Giant Eagle to get hamburger and buns and then headed home and had a great lunch with him. They grilled hamburgers and hotdogs and I made macaroni salad. It was quite yummy. We watched "Over the Hedge" after lunch since Barney told us it was one of his favorites. It actually was very funny so we were glad we watched it.

After Barney left, Peter and I hung out a bit and cleaned up from lunch. Then we folded a bunch of laundry and I cleaned out my closet a bit. I wanted to put all my scarves, gloves, etc away for the season since I doubt I'll need them again. In the process I decided to clean up my tub of sweaters too and came up with over a dozen to give to the local Salvation Army. I haven't worn them in like 3-4 years and figured it someone else could get better use out of them. So I'll have to bag them and drop them off this week. It was great because my sweaters fit a lot neater and more organized which is something I love haha.

This evening Peter and I did Day 1's devotional from our "Going Higher" campaign at church. It was a quick and easy 5 minute devotional but was a really good time to just connect with each other and know that the rest of our church family is doing the same for the next 28 days. Then we vegged out and packed lunches for tomorrow. Neither of us were really hungry for dinner since we had lunch around 3 and ate a lot so Peter had cereal and I made a milkshake for dinner haha.

Now the evening is quickly coming to and end as Monday morning is fast approaching. Oh well, it was good while it lasted. ;)

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