Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter in Hollidaysburg

I think this year Christmas and Easter got their weather patterns mixed up.  On Christmas the weather was pretty mild around 50 degrees.  This weekend in Hollidaysburg it snowed!  Like 4-5 inches!  I'm not complaining though because I love snow and it was sooooo pretty at my parents' house.  Too bad Bryson was sick or we could have taken him outside to play in the snow.  Although Peter and I didn't pack for snow haha.  When we woke up, most of the snow had already fallen.  It set a beautiful scene:

One of the trees in their back yard:

On their smaller porch right off of the can get an idea of how much has fallen so far, but it was still coming too:

Another tree in their backyard-so gorgeous!

This is so picturesque.  It's their older red shed and just looks so cute in the snow.  

The light post.  You can see here the roads weren't even plowed yet.  

Our car covered in snow!

Towards the top of the road my parents live was so pretty out :)

I think this one looks like a postcard:

Peter and I took Bryson with us while Peter got his haircut at my dad's barber.  Peter loved the cut because the barber is old fashioned and doesn't use an electric buzzer and uses open blades on the neck, etc.  Bill (the barber) has been cutting my dad's hair his whole life, has also cut my pap's hair and both of my older brothers.  After the haircut, we stopped at Giant Eagle and I ran in to get some alternative foods for my dad.  This past week he found out he has diabetes.  It's hard because I can see how depressed he is and he loved food!  Everything he likes he can't have.  I got egg alternatives, soy milk, sugarfree things, etc. for him to have.  He's doing really well with it so far but I know it must be soooo hard, especially the week before Easter when our family has so much candy in the house.  I bought him some sugarfree cookies and peanut butter eggs so he could have something.  It's discouraging though because it's not that he can just not have sugar.  It's also fat, carbs, and salt.  I'm proud of his progress so far though because he's knocked his blood sugar level down by 100.  It should be 120 and his started around 260.  He's down to 160 now.  It's still high and he's still working on it, but to knock it down so far already is a great accomplishment.  He's also lost 20 pounds this week.  He's going to start exercising hopefully after he gets over this terrible cold he has.  I sure am praying for the best for him!

On the way down the road to my parents' house, I snapped another few pictures.  This was my favorite from that bunch.  This isn't their house, but it's very pretty set back off the road and just covered in white.  

One final snow picture of the swing under the big tree in their back yard.  By this time the temperature was a little warmer and melting some of the snow.  

Bryson had a blast on Saturday hanging out with Peter.  He really loves him.  He was in his spiderman jammies and them put on this red knit hat over his entire head to be "spiderman".  He also stuck on his spiderman sunglasses over top.  It was so cute!   

Here he is on the way to the barber shop.  He's terrified to get his haircut so we thought if he watched Peter get his cut, it might help.  No such luck this time.  He still didn't want a haircut haha.

We also found out that my sister bought an easter bunny haha.  She got him for $10 at a tractor supply store because they sell chicks usually around Easter time.  Apparently they didn't have any chicks but had bunnies this year and she came home with one on Friday and no one knew haha.  His name is Toby and his nose twitches all the time which is pretty cute.

Peter held Toby for a minute until Ashley said he poops all the time and then Peter wasn't so sure about holding him anymore hahaha.  

We had a nice Easter weekend.  On Friday after work we drove up to New Brighton and got some Rosalind's chocolate candy because my family used to get it all the time when we lived in NB.  Then we went to our old church, Chippewa E Free, for Good Friday Service.  It was a great service and really touched my heart.  Then we drove to Hollidaysburg and crashed after talking with my parents, Ash, Drew and Cacie for a bit.  After waking up to snow and going to the barber and Giant Eagle, we relaxed at home for the rest of the evening.  My mom made yummy baked crab cakes and pasta for dinner.  We watched "I Am Legend" and "Enchanting".  "Enchanting" was pretty cute, but I prefer disney fairy tales to be all cartoonish.  Nothing beats "Cinderella" and "Beauty and the Beast".  "I Am Legend" was good too.  I'm glad Ash, Drew and Cacie were there because they had all seen it before and I kept asking questions haha.  I do that sometimes when watching a movie, but usually don't get the answer until I keep watching.  They answered some for me right away which was kind of nice haha.  I'm glad we watched "Enchanting" after "I Am Legend" so the night ended on a happier note haha.

Sunday we had dinner at 1:00 at Ivy Stone Restaurant with my aunt and uncle and 2 cousins.  It was nice and we laughed pretty much the entire time.  After arriving home, we hung out and I watched the ending of "Enchanting" again because I started falling asleep towards the end and went to bed.  Then Wendy, Ryan, Bryson and Wendy's brother Sean came over for a while.  Things got a bit crazy then because the boys all wanted to rough house haha.  After they left, we had a yummy dinner of ham, baked sweet potato fries, macaroni salad and pickled beets.  We packed up most of that and most of the candy between me Ash and Mark and took it all home since my dad wouldn't be able to have any :(  It was kind of sad because my dad loves ham and everything else we were taking away.  We didn't leave til 9 but got home to Orin St at 10:30 so we made really good time!  

Now we both have today off so we are being big lazy bums!  The sun is shining and it's so nice to see because I rarely get to see the sunshine while at work since I'm on the ground floor which is mostly underground :(  Adam (our landscaper from last summer) is coming down today also to check out our backyard and give us an estimate.  We're really hopeful about getting that taken care of this spring/summer!  Then we are going to clean things up with Paula and Jeff and our outside will look 100% different (and better!) than when we moved in.  


Keisha said...

Wow that's a lot of snow and it looks beautiful.
That happened here once when I was a teen. My cousin was so mad that it snowed in March he wanted to cut his visit short and head back home to Georgia ! :o)
Sorry about your Dad's diabetes but I'm so glad that his level dropped so much. :)

RU said...

Love the snow pictures!