Monday, March 10, 2008

Random Act of Kindness

Peter had to work this past Saturday morning.  It was a bummer, but not that bad since he'd be back around lunchtime.  I actually spent the majority of my morning curled on the couch in sweats reading a book.  By the time he got home, I was nearly finished with it because I was anxious to find out how it all wrapped up.  Karen Kingsbury is a great author and I can't wait to find some more of her books to read.  I just read her "Forever Faithful" series--highly recommended!  When I heard the car horn honk, indicating Peter was home and locked the car doors, I jumped off the couch to greet him.  Imagine my surprise when he is holding up these beautiful flowers for me!  It was so random and sweet!  He knows I love gerber daisies and lilies and this bouquet had each of those and much more!  :)  

Cadi was glad to have some flowers to sniff around and munch on...haha

I love times like this when it's not a special occasion or noted time when something special should be done, but it just happens.  My husband is the greatest!

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