Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tuesday Babble

Today was a very busy day.  Upon arriving at work at 8:45, I had to scramble to get a few things for our meeting at 9:30 at TPO-our new HR client that I'm basically in charge of.  I had everything ready for 10 attendees but last minute was told 11 so had to make up the last packet real quick before we had to leave the office at 8:55 to drive to meet our VP to drive to TPO for our meeting.  The meeting went extremely well, but lasted a while and we didn't get back to the office until close to noon.  After that, I was able to take a break and meet up with Peter for lunch and to get the car.  It was so great to see him in the middle of the day!  Especially since he's out of town on business tonight.  We went to EatNPark again and had our usual salad bar and shared a Chicken Portobello Hoagie.  It was very tastey.  The best part was just sharing a lunch hour together again.  Then we drove to Peter's work (right past mine) so that I could drop him off so that I'd have the car for tonight and tomorrow while he's out of town.  Then I drove back to work and got there around 2:00.  After catching up on emails and phone calls I missed from being out of the office most of the day, we had to fire another employee.  At least this time the employee didn't linger outside and make phone calls for days this time.  

I was glad to get home around 5:30 tonight.  Usually I get home later, but since I was in a bit early, I left a bit early too.  Plus I was exhausted from the meeting in the morning and the firing and tons of emails/phone calls in the afternoon.  I bummed around most of the evening and eventually made some dinner.  I watched "The Breakup" on HBO and was still shocked that they didn't really get back together at the end!  I like that they crossed paths, but still!  Haha  Then I watched "American Idol" from the DVR.  I like to tape it because then I can fast forward all the commercials and stuff I don't want to waste time seeing haha.  

I'm missing Peter a lot tonight, but am glad that it's just a one day trip and at least not ruining our weekend.  Although he does have to work on Saturday-but only for a bit, thankfully.  He's out in Ohio where the weather isn't supposed to be that great, so please pray for him to have safe travels if you read this.    

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